Board of Directors

Yogesh L Rajhans

Mr. Yogesh Laxman Rajhans is a pioneering entrepreneur and a co-founder of M/s. THE BEST INDIA, a partnership firm established in 1999. With strategic acumen and determination, he played a pivotal role in the firm’s evolution from a Yeast processing unit to a leading player in the food processing industry. Under his guidance, the firm has expanded its operations, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and adhering to ISO 22000:2018 standards. Mr. Rajhans’ vision has propelled the firm’s products into both domestic and international markets, establishing strategic collaborations with major industry players. His commitment to innovation and quality has been instrumental in the firm’s continued success and growth.

Asha Rajhans

Asha ji has been a true inspiration behind The Best India group, its promoters and all the employees as well. She has been involved in each and every critical decision right from the incorporation of the firm in 1999. The confidence given by her, to Mr Yogesh, in taking up the challenging task of establishing a successful unit in the maize industry has always been the wind to TBI’s wings. Asha ji initially looked after the support staff and the maintenance staff and made sure that the perpetual traditions when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness were established right from the nascent stages of the organisation. As the organisation grew, she has been involved in the recruitment of new staff, their orientation and, most importantly, helping them gel with the current structure and workforce. Even today, many employees take her advice in managing their day to day issues – professional as well as personal. Asha ji is primarily active in her role as the mentor and advisor to TBI.

Ninad Yedurkar

Ninad is an inquisitive individual who is looking, every day, to learn something new. He is guided in his life by his passions and is very uncomfortable with the the comfortable. In fact, he thrives working on the unknowns amongst uncertainties. While he is extremely confident in his own intellect and indefatigable spirit, he respects importance of every role in a team. He is proud of the fact that he has got along very well with almost every member of each team that he has ever worked for.

Atul Patil

Mr Atul Patil is a leading industrialist in the field of cement pipes in Western Maharashtra. He has substantial experience in all the facets of a business with special skills in Sales and Marketing. Atul has been instrumental in the tremendous growth witnessed by Vimal Cement Pipe over the last decade or so. Today his company manufacturers all types of cement pipes and has sales network spread all over the country.

Sanjay Kadam

Mr Sanjay Kadam is a serial entrepreneur with extensive exposure to the technical education for young students through his ventures in the field of computer training. He displayed his acumen for spotting market opportunities by forming SK Parking which has tie-ups with 30 different companies that operate with repossessed vehicles in Sangli district. His management of Kadam Fuels has resulted in special accolades with the fuel station regularly cited as the one with the best facilities in the district. In addition to all his ventures, Sanjay remains a farmer at heart with his constant upgrades in progressive farming techniques in 42 acres of land in Palus area.

Chandrakant Mali

Mr Chandrakant Mali is one of the most knowledgable persons in the field of communication and networks. He is one of the pioneers of cable networks and internet broadband services in Sangli district. Having spent decades in the field of media services and advertising, he is sought after for his opinions on what works for a particular company and the right approach it should adopt to gain the maximum out of its advertising expenses. Chandrakant has a keen interest and extensive knowledge of agricultural commodity prices and availability across India.

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